Top 4 of the Negro Male’s Worst Enemies:

Top 4 of the Negro Male’s Worst Enemies: 1. HS Dropout (Sorry Parenting) 2. Felony Conviction 3. Illegitimate Children 4. Another Negro Male Racists don’t have to lift a finger. That’s the part most Negroes do not get or understand. It’s a damned shame. Derrick Grayson on Google+

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US and Russia to Destroy Petrodollar

“Unlikee every president since the petrodollar’s birth, Donald Trump is openly hostile to Saudi Arabia.  The Saudis did not want Donald Trump in the White House. And not because of some bad blood on Twitter. There are real geopolitical issues at stake.  At the moment, Trump seems determined to walk back on US support for […]

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