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(Of course, True Conservatives, not NeoCons)


All of a sudden, my #Facebook account was shutdown under the guise of my not being who I said I am. This is the exact wording Facebook sent to me.

“We’ve asked you to verify your identify because it looks like you may have multiple accounts or may not be using your authentic identity.” They did not tell me they were making my content unavailable.”

I’ve been on Facebook since 2009, ran a campaign page for senate in 2014 and 2016 and spent money with Facebook on ads. They know I am who I say that I am. I complied by giving them a copy of my government ID. I have yet to get a response.

Now, all of a sudden, my #YouTube channel is being scanned for copyright violations. I received one yesterday and today. If my channel were to be shut down, 1649 videos would be lost. I want you to look at the dates of videos 1 and 4,(videos notices referenced), then the titles. If you are aware of the L/R paradigm, it will be obvious and you will recognize what I see as well.

Side note: The last video was my first and the reason I have not been suspended is because I used copyrighted materials that allows you to as long as they get the revenue generated from the video. I’ve been a YouTube Partner for too long to not know the rules. They will have to make up a reason just as FaceBook did.

Anyway, this was just a heads up.