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Derrick Grayson is a Republican and native of Georgia, who will be running for office, representing the people of the great State of Georgia, in 2018. He is a veteran of the United States Navy, community activist, and political enthusiast. Mr. Grayson has amassed quite a following, in social media and is affectionately known as, TMOT, The Minister of Truth.

Mr. Grayson has been actively involved in the Liberty Movement and speaking at numerous events. In 2014, he made a bid for Georgia’s US Senate seat, which was vacated by Saxby Chambliss. His run was successful in that Mr. Grayson gained notoriety within the state and outside of the state as a no- holds-bar Constitutionalist, who was willing to and did, challenge career politicians who’ve turned a blind eye to the reality of what this great nation is becoming. “Among many issues on Mr. Grayson’s political Platform, one of his primary issues is the erosion of our personal freedom and liberty as a result of federal policy and legislation.

“Derrick Grayson is a dynamic speaker and former U.S. Senate candidate. He presents a heart-filled state of the world, state of America,…pretty much state of everything when he engages the public. The Stone Mountain conservative may also address the “War on Everything.” “His unfiltered, unapologetic manner of speaking captivates nearly every audience he manages to get in front of, and his spunky one–liners often composed on the fly– leave debate opponents shuffling through their notes and shifting at the podium.” – Sarah Westwood, Communities Digital News


More About Derrick E. Grayson

Grew up in Atlanta
Lives in Lithonia
Married with children, 3 in college
Licensed Minister with St. James Spiritual Church
US Navy Veteran
Devry University and Beulah Heights Bible College Graduate
Sr. Network Engineer and Software Developer

Team Grayson’s Primary Issues: For Brevity, these items are partial bullets. Visit Grayson2018.com for complete details:
1. FairTax – Creates Jobs, Expands Tax Base, Restrains Government Spending, Repeals 16th Amendment and Abolishes IRS….
2. Veterans Affairs – Provide the Health and Welfare that they deserve and purge the incompetent care givers….
3. Military – Peace through strength and abandoning regime change policies….
4. Education – Local Control and Abandon Common Core….
5. Law & Order – Sentencing Reform and ending the War on Drugs….
6. Immigration – Eliminate Anchor Babies, Streamline Process, Enforce existing laws, Cutoff Social Services and No Amnesty….
7. Liberty and Freedom – Preservation of our 4th Amendment Protections.
8. Repeal Obamacare – Mandates, Bailouts and Taxation without Representation must end.

What makes me different as a candidate is I actually believe in the Original Intent of the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and Limited Government. Moreover, I am UnBought by special interest and UnBossed by establishment Republicans (Royals). I am Constitution Driven.
I believe the power belongs to the people and it is their duty to purge those in DC that infringe upon their Liberties and Freedoms. Simply put, they need men and women willing stand for what’s right and to expose the corrupt. The American people, armed with the proper knowledge, will do what’s right when it’s exposed. My commitment is to 100% of the Constitution, 100% of the time….
If you have other questions, feel free to reach out.

Kind regards,


On behalf of Mr. Grayson

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